I will drive miles and miles for it……

Many years ago I became interested in the Canadian artist Emily Carr.Image  After reading her Autobiography, House of All Sorts, and studying her paintings through pawing over color photographs in books for years, only getting a glimpse of an occasional actual work, I found an announcement that there was a showing of one hundred pieces of her work on view in Ontario, Canada. The problem, the exhibit was coming down the following weekend, and I had work scheduled all week. It was a six hour drive one way. After contacting all my possible accomplices for a venture there, and finding none available, I decided that I would GO Anyway…… well it was a Long drive, and even though I had set out very early, it felt as though I had very little time to drink in all the art. It felt amazing to see these works in person, and more amazing, was how I got to see that this person’s work was wonderful even if executed on what looked like a paper bag, that had yellowed with time. She worked because she simply had to ‘put it down’ and the works survived because they were wonderful !  Anyway, I made it back home driving the same night, almost falling asleep at the wheel. Dangerous. Now, I have made a promise to myself, to be safer on my ‘adventures’ of this kind, going forward. But I will never forget the work, the journey, and inspiration that I received that day, ever.

I dip my Toes in Inspirations quite regularly, including my weekly dose of my favorite local performer, Today I was looking on my favorite artist’s sites for show dates locally. Unfortunately, Bruce Cockburn and Blind Pilot are touring out west right now…. of course Joni Mitchell has stopped touring (maybe she will change her mind) but I Always check : ) There was some good news, however, Laura Viers has scheduled 07/02/14
Laura Veirs in Burlington, VT at Flynn Theater

I sure hope to get to hear her then. Meanwhile — I’ll keep my eyes open.



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