First day of Fall

lighting..... or lightning?

lighting….. or lightning?

Astrology and Astronomy has been a part of my daily routine for many years. I look to the sky each day, just as the ancients did, for reassurance and guidance. First is the question, “Is the weather good for my plans or is there a need to make some adjustment, considering the current conditions?”  Mostly I rely on a few familiar internet sites to give me the statistics, such as temperature and the moon’s phase. Then there are the planetary aspects, like retrograde and eclipses to consider. It’s not that I might instantly change my plans for these occurrences, but that as I work through the day, I might call to mind that they are in the background and create a backdrop for much that may be happening. The most beneficial thing that comes from this practice, is that I can attach reasoning to my struggles and be reminded that patience is sometimes required for the planetary energies to shift. This can make all the difference in helping me succeed in my daily walk on planet Earth. Today as the first day of September, and in my mind, fall begins; I want to take the time to enjoy the warm day, sunshine, and notice how all of the critters and insects are still keeping very busy in their tasks for the day.


Ludlow VT Farmer’s Market

Yippee it’s Friday and Sunny — a full day ahead with great potential. Soon, I’ll be loading up my car with music equipment and heading out to the Ludlow VT Farmer’s Market. If you haven’t been to this one – it’s Great. Jerry runs a Super market and the wide range of goods make it worth coming by. My music will be the best I can offer and I would love to share this great day. Starts at 4, runs through 7pm.

Come by with your smiles if you are out that way, I’d love to see you !

 — playing music in Ludlow, Vermont.

Happy New Year !!

Greetings and Happy New Year !

For me, I’m Very happy to have another year ahead to work on Music, Art and enjoy my friendships. I’m thankful for all that I have in my life…..

The cold, Welllllllll……. we’ll get through it.

Please join me, if you can, this coming Tuesday, January 13th. I’m playing guitar, harmonica and singing my heart out for John and Stacy at the Windsor Station Restaurant. Music starts at 6pm and goes ’til 9pm. The food is pretty Great and a train may pass through too.

Looking forward to seeing you intros brand new year ahead.



I will drive miles and miles for it……

Many years ago I became interested in the Canadian artist Emily Carr.Image  After reading her Autobiography, House of All Sorts, and studying her paintings through pawing over color photographs in books for years, only getting a glimpse of an occasional actual work, I found an announcement that there was a showing of one hundred pieces of her work on view in Ontario, Canada. The problem, the exhibit was coming down the following weekend, and I had work scheduled all week. It was a six hour drive one way. After contacting all my possible accomplices for a venture there, and finding none available, I decided that I would GO Anyway…… well it was a Long drive, and even though I had set out very early, it felt as though I had very little time to drink in all the art. It felt amazing to see these works in person, and more amazing, was how I got to see that this person’s work was wonderful even if executed on what looked like a paper bag, that had yellowed with time. She worked because she simply had to ‘put it down’ and the works survived because they were wonderful !  Anyway, I made it back home driving the same night, almost falling asleep at the wheel. Dangerous. Now, I have made a promise to myself, to be safer on my ‘adventures’ of this kind, going forward. But I will never forget the work, the journey, and inspiration that I received that day, ever.

I dip my Toes in Inspirations quite regularly, including my weekly dose of my favorite local performer, Today I was looking on my favorite artist’s sites for show dates locally. Unfortunately, Bruce Cockburn and Blind Pilot are touring out west right now…. of course Joni Mitchell has stopped touring (maybe she will change her mind) but I Always check : ) There was some good news, however, Laura Viers has scheduled 07/02/14
Laura Veirs in Burlington, VT at Flynn Theater

I sure hope to get to hear her then. Meanwhile — I’ll keep my eyes open.


Singing for the crowd

Singing for the crowd Windsor Station singing as a backdrop for Brandy and Mikey’s photo shot. What a Fun night with lots of friends coming out to hear music. Very Cool venue and people. Love it when the train goes by !!!!!  Thank you Stacy and John for a wonderful night.

Windsor Farmer’s Market 2013

Windsor Farmer's Market 2013

Photo by Tammy Carlson

Fellow song writer, Tammy, came out to meet and greet this past summer. We had connected on a song writing forum and she came to listen and took this photograph. She is a talented and hard working musician. I was flattered that she took the time to come and hear me play.