First day of Fall

lighting..... or lightning?

lighting….. or lightning?

Astrology and Astronomy has been a part of my daily routine for many years. I look to the sky each day, just as the ancients did, for reassurance and guidance. First is the question, “Is the weather good for my plans or is there a need to make some adjustment, considering the current conditions?”  Mostly I rely on a few familiar internet sites to give me the statistics, such as temperature and the moon’s phase. Then there are the planetary aspects, like retrograde and eclipses to consider. It’s not that I might instantly change my plans for these occurrences, but that as I work through the day, I might call to mind that they are in the background and create a backdrop for much that may be happening. The most beneficial thing that comes from this practice, is that I can attach reasoning to my struggles and be reminded that patience is sometimes required for the planetary energies to shift. This can make all the difference in helping me succeed in my daily walk on planet Earth. Today as the first day of September, and in my mind, fall begins; I want to take the time to enjoy the warm day, sunshine, and notice how all of the critters and insects are still keeping very busy in their tasks for the day.


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